Razor Poker Inaugural Edition(Razor, 2006)
NeedCommon Card 28
Have For TradeAutograph Cards A34 (Mike Matusow), A37 (Men Nguyen)

Various Common Cards

Red Dwarf (Futera, 2002)
Need Autograph Cards AUT01-AUT07
  Memorabilia Cards MEM01, MEM03-MEM05, MEM07-MEM09, MEM011
  Gold Plated Card GR1
  Promo Card DC1
Have For Trade Promo Card (Chloe)
  Various Common Cards
Red Sonja (Dynamic Forces, 2005)
Need None
Have For Trade Sketch Card (Cully Hamner)
  Various Common Cards
Red Sonja(Breygent, 2012)
Have For TradeAutograph Card RSA-JJC (J.G. Jones)
 Promo Card (SDCC)

Resident Evil (JPP/Amada, 1998)
Need Autograph Chase Card SP1 (Signed)
  Common Cards 25, 35
Have For Trade Common Card L04
Robots (Inkworks, 2005)
Need None
Have For Trade Promo Cards P1 (3x), R-SD-2004 (2x)
  Various Common Cards
Rowena (FPG, 1993)
Need None
Have For Trade Holograms H1, H3
  Various Common Cards